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I love 49 days.. I really liked the ending too, though it left me sad. I am kinda scared of the people in soompi because they are bashing the drama and writer big time! I just hate the ending…. Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon. I had no one to share my joy of 49 Days but here. Micky Yoochun and Han Ji-min already in love mode?

Besides, now that Yi Kyung knows that Ji Hyun is her sister, it would totally be off to fall in love with the man your sister loves. Log in with Email. The ending is different from the other typical K-drama that I know. I just hate the ending…. Omo, totally love Yoochun’s expression from Ep I will definetly watch it again soon.

Because Prince will fall for Park Ha and we, viewers, will love her too so it definitely will be difficult to hate someone who looks exactly the same. It’s hilarious yet very mysterious.

I am officially a fan of your insights! Kang refuses to believe that, believing if Min Ho takes his punishment, he can return as the hyung Kang knew and respected. The Joseon Power Rangers.

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This is the first time commenting on your blog. Thank you so much Unni for your recap. I was really curious about what the next episode might be and cannot wait till the next week, so I searched for the synopsis, but ended up reading it dramacray the last episodes, without watching it on tv first!


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49 Days Episode 20 Recap

I saw the raw video first before reading this blog. Death is about leaving things behind.

K in my opinion. Kang tears up to Yi Kyung, saying that his biggest wish is to see Ji Hyun alive. Such a waste indeed! Tessieroo do you know where I can find peince good icons for RoofTop Prince.

But I like all the other main cast so much The new fantastic four that I had to watch it. So far this drama has been very intriguing. On dramaacrazy last day, Scheduler goes to see Yi Kyung, telling her to live a good life with her parents. Yi Soo and fate prevented her from suicide, but it was Ji Hyun who got her to live again, and even gave her a family to love her.

Despite disliking the acting of NGR since episode 1, I am happy to see her much improved acting in this ending episode. A truly remarkable drama. Ergo, she got damacrazy 49 day quest to come back to life.

People who, because of brain damage, lack emotions do not think they are real beings. Notify me of new posts via email. Without the 49 days, her dad would have lost the company to Min Ho and Ji Hyun might have killed herself from the shock of being betrayed by Min Ho and In Jung.


By swingbaby Started December 6, Min Ho tells her that he made his own choices, and he tells her to live her own life. Maggie Deng Hai Ying.

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Thanks for the beautiful recap Ockoala. We should support RTP wholeheartedly. Her dad is yelling at her mom for keeping pictures of their dead child. I adored everyone; even NGR. Kim So Hyun Supporting Cast. Was that another drama that was mistaken for Rooftop Prince?

He gets a call that the manager and his wife are expecting a baby. Can you guess what movie and which actress starred in this film?

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Choi Won Hong Supporting Cast. Scheduler confirms that his last scheduled elevator ride will be Shin Ji Hyun, who is and always was scheduled to die 6 days from now. I was kinda disappointed at that part.